How To Raise Funds

Want to raise funds for your startup?

So do we and we have a couple fee structures to choose from. But first you need to understand that we don’t accept everyone and before you apply you need to meet some minimum requirements.


Your business must be within our scope of knowledge and focus. XR, Esports or Cannabis.


Your business must be a for profit company, registered within the US and have a tax ID.


Your business must be willing to raise a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $1,070,000.
Fee structure #1
7%flat fee
  • You fund the marketing campaigns.
    (min 10% of the max raise target)
  • You execute the marketing plan.
    In house or agency.
  • You draft and submit the Form C and draft a subscription agreement.
  • You prepare reviewed financial documentation.
Fee structure #2
Reimbursement of upfront funding
7%flat fee and 2%equity
  • We fund your marketing campaigns.
    (min 10% of the max raise target)
  • We fund third party agency to execute your campaign.
  • We draft and submit your Form C and draft a subscription agreement.
  • We fund a third party accounting firm to prepare financial documentation.

To start the prescreening process we need three things from you:

  • 1. Meet the minimum requirements as stated above
  • 2. Click on the raise funds button and fill out the form
  • 3. Make sure your submitted pitch deck includes these 10 things.

The onboarding process:

If we’re interested we will contact you. Give us a few days though. We need time to Google and social media stalk you, your staff and company before contacting. Our first call will be quite informal. We will ask clarifying questions on the materials you submitted and then talk about us, how we work and our compensation models. If we all agree, we move to signing our listing agreement.

After the agreement is signed we start working. We will ask you lots of information but nothing too complicated. Information such as basic legal, financial and compliance documentation and campaign details such as the examples below:

  • » Articles of association
  • » Company formation certificate
  • » Names, emails, addresses, SSN and phone number of all directors, officers and shareholders of 20%.
  • » Business plan
  • » Your minimum, target and max raise amount
  • » Company Tax ID
  • » Bank account details to send the funds
  • » Start and end date of your campaign
  • » Source file of your pitch deck and your promotional video
  • » Form C link from the SEC website

Since equity crowdfunding is highly regulated there are very strict rules and standards we must adhere to. We will work together on building an effective yet compliant campaign. Expect this to take no less than three weeks.

Once everyone is comfortable and confident, we will open the campaign to the public and you can start promoting it immediately. Expect the campaign to be live no less than 21 days and no more than 90 days. After successful closing and all compliance requirements are fulfilled, your funds (minus our fees) will be transferred to your company bank account within a few days.

Ready To Raise Funds?