10 Must Have Items Included In Your Campaign

Who makes up the Management Team 

If the investors are not impressed with the team they will not invest. Always start a pitch deck with an impressive management team bio. If the management team has the right experience, connections and or education pedigree, investors cannot help to want to know more.

What Is the Product/Service and what problems does it address 

List out the product in simplified terms. Avoid “tech speak”. Make sure to list out separately what the problem is in the current market place and the solutions the product/service offers.

Traction or momentum    

Explain in simple terms your product/service momentum such as product development stage, user numbers, revenue, channel partners, biz dev deals, whatever. Your product/service needs to show progress (traction) in its development beyond just an idea. Investors need to see how a product or service develops over time.

What’s the Market Size    

Include metrics or some way of demonstrating the size of the market and why this is going to be really big in the market. Investors aren’t looking for statistics on the VR/AR/MR industry as a whole but rather the market size of your niche. Investors want to know the purchasing potential your market offers. Be clear and be specific.

What’s the Competitive Landscape    

What exists today, what’s being worked on and how is this better? Odds are there is competition and this idea isn’t new. That’s ok as long as it can easily be demonstrated to be better.

What’s the go to market Strategy   

“If you build it, they will come.” Does not apply. You need to be able to demonstrate who, what, when and where you will get the word out that your product or service exists. For example: If it’s content, how will you market and distribute it? What are the costs, timelines and milestones? If it’s hardware, what’s that supply chain look like, how will you market it, distribute it and what are the costs associated.

What’s the Social Proof   

Social proof is clear evidence that people who are in a position to know believe in the vision and will testify to the merits of the business. It can be a team of advisors that are well-respected in the field and have spent time with the product, service or are in support of the vision. Another is to generate some early activity with pilot customers who will provide testimonials, not only that the product makes sense, but that if it existed today, they would buy it.

What’s the budget    

How are the invested funds going to be spent? Be as precise as possible.

Monetization Strategy  

Investors want to know how the startup plans to generate revenue and if applicable, exit strategy. The clearer the strategy the better. This is where the business plan comes in and should be included in the pitch deck or as a separate excel sheet if complex.

How much Equity is offered    

Figuring out the amount you need to raise is kind of the easy part. Figuring out the number of shares your company is willing to offer and the valuation is always difficult. Especially for the founders. Be sure to set realistic valuations based on the market. Overly high valuations can scare away investors. It could cause problems in future raises. Most importantly for this exercise, we won’t list you.