What is Equity Crowd Funding?

A chance for regular people to invest in startups.

Everyone can invest in these startups

You don’t need to be an angel investor, a venture capital firm or high net worth individual to invest in the startups we list. Here, you can have as much rights and access to these startups as the rich guys. An investment with as little as $100 can buy shares. Now, with a small amount of money you can own your own piece of a startup within an industry you love.

Investing in startups is risky and long term

Investing in startups and small businesses is risky. Even the coolest companies with the best ideas, plans and founders could fail. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose and plan on holding your shares for years before seeing any returns. There is currently no secondary market to re-sell or price your shares at this time.

Want to raise funding?

Before you apply, you need to meet some minimum requirements. Your business must be a for profit company, registered within the US and have a tax ID.

Success Fee Structure

We charge a flat fee based on how much you raise and a percent of the total raise in equity.
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